Collect the data necessary to protect property, its users, and owners.
Generate reports which are more thorough, timely, and admissible.

Providing a tool for patrollers which utilizes a friendly and simple user interface is the key to success in thorough data acquisition. Runjob Software has used information and experience of field officers and security chiefs to develop a powerful software which helps expedite the completion of incident reports.

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The backbone of our system is the strategic placement of QR code labels which provides established known locations on the property. These locations provide a network of nodes from which to regularly patrol or to start an investigation.

Runpatrol is a simple, affordable, and powerful means of protecting facility users and property owners!

Customization Through Consultation

Runjob Software incorporates the specific needs of a facility and is not “one size fits all”. We consult with your management and/or field officers to ensure that information needed during routine patrols can be collected simply and efficiently.

This may include:

• Time • Damage • Witnesses

• Date • Photos • Nature of Incident

• Location • Videos • Alerts to Parties

Incident Reporting

  • Problem: Reports generated on regular patrols are kept temporarily by memory or jotted down in an unorganized manner in a notebook.
  • Solution: Provide real-time data during the patrol through an easy-to-use app on a smartphone or tablet.
  • More: Information collected during rounds can be incorporated into a report to be signed and printed for on-site recordkeeping.

Risk Management

  • Problem: Not enough information, or the right information, is collected during officer patrols. The result is that property owners are unnecessarily exposed to liability.
  • Solution: Provide a simple interface to patrol staff which results in the collection of information necessary to protect property, its users, and owners in a potential or instant legal matter.
  • More: All information is time, date, and location-stamped for admission in a legal setting.